The Veridis Instruments Bulk-DSC is the first DSC built with the requirements for recycling in mind. This involves minimizing the sample preparation, optimizing sample size and making the interpretation and evaluation of the results as easy and intuitive as possible. If something is missing or superfluous please feel free to contact us so we can take it into account going forward.

Sample size600 cm3
Measuring time1-2 hours
Temperature rangeRT – 300oC
Measurement typesDSC, DTA, Thermography
Sample typesFlakes, granulate and powder
Atmospheric conditionsN2
SoftwarePeak separation, purity determination, de-
termination of phase transitions (Tg, Tm, Tc),
polymer degradation, and identification
Accuracy±0.5% ∆H
MatricesTBD (e.g. PP/PE, PET/PVC, etc.)