The quality-control process in plastic recycling is underwhelming, the current technique can only tell the material properties of a sample between 1-20 mg or smaller. This is far below the industrial need.

Our team is developing a radically different and innovative Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) technique, upscaling the sample size to 500 grams. This increase in measurement certainty increases the commercial value of recycled plastics in most cases by at least 25%. Based on our technique, analysis of composites or thin-film polymers is also possible. 

The Veridis Instruments Bulk-DSC is the first DSC built with the requirements for recycling in mind. This involves minimizing the sample preparation, optimizing sample size and making the interpretation and evaluation of the results as easy and intuitive as possible. The Bulk-DSC specifications are displayed below.

Sample size60-600 cm3
Measuring time1-2 hours
Temperature rangeRT – 300oC
Measurement typesDSC, DTA, Thermography
Sample typesFlakes, granulate and powder
Atmospheric conditionsN2
SoftwarePeak separation, purity determination, de-
termination of phase transitions (Tg, Tm, Tc),
polymer degradation, and identification
Accuracy±0.5% ∆H
MatricesTBD (e.g. PP/PE, PET/PVC, etc.)