When knowing your plastic composition really matters

Veridis’ MADSCAN technology increases the value of your recycling feedstock by enabling accurate insight into the composition and quality of complex material streams. 

What we need for a circular economy

High-quality plastic recycling requires well-sorted and pure materials streams. We are transitioning to a circular economy, and are obliged by law to increase recycled content in products to at least 30% by 2030 and 100% by 2050. However, as different plastic types mix and because material degrades over time, recycled plastics are still rarely used in high-end applications. 

Increasing demand and strict quality requirements are becoming a growing challenge for the recycling industry. Having a reliable quality control and material certification tool for large volumes of plastic is vital in facing this challenge.

Why Veridis exists

Veridis believes in a circular economy where plastics retain their value and quality. We aim to standardize material certification practices with our MADSCAN analysis technology, which can accurately distinguish between different polymer fractions in high-volume and complex plastic batches, with >99% accuracy. 

Use MADSCAN to verify incoming and outgoing polymer streams and assign accurate quality grades, increasing the commercial value of your product by providing the reliability your customers seek

Representative measurement scale

Thermal analysis of 30 grams of flakes or granules per scan

Measure subtypes & fraction sizes

Accurate analysis of HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE/PP & PET including insight into fraction sizes!

Black and multi-layer plastics

MADSCAN is a thermal analysis technology, meaning that we can analyse dark, black and multi-layered plastics with the same accuracy as any other type or colour.

enables you to

Increase your revenue by

1. Assigning accurate quality grades based on data, allowing you to accurately value your end product
2. Optimizing your sorting and/or recycling processes with actionable material insight
3. Creating and upholding a consistent quality standard for your customers.

Reduce costs by

1. Decreasing downtime due to faulty batches. Approve or discard incoming polymers and validate their quality before they enter the production process.
2. Gaining access to Veridis’ automated polymer analysis and growing material database infrastructure

Incoming flakes

Accurately determine the purity and composition of incoming flakes prior to processing or compounding. MADSCAN’s unique measuring method tells you exactly which polymers are in your batch, distinguishes between polymer subtypes, and reveals their exact fraction sizes with >99% accuracy before they enter the production process.

Outgoing flakes and granules

Accurately assess and label the purity and composition of outgoing flakes for your customers. MADSCAN allows you to provide reliability and consistency, ensuring an optimal product whilst reducing the chance of diverging material specifications. 

Standardizing quality certification

Reduce the unwanted surprises that often come with complex material batches. Reliably certify, grade, and price recycled flakes and granules based on a standardized analysis method and process. 

Request a MADSCAN test:

Accurate insights into PP, PE (HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE) & PET fractions in your streams with Veridis’ T-30 MADSCAN.

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