Holistic metrology: Explainer

To move towards a circular economy, we need to increase the yield and quality of recycling processes. Adoption of a holistic metrology approach is essential to do this.
Holistic metrology is a method of measurement that takes into account the entire system and all of its variables rather than just one isolated aspect. 

Green alley awards

Green Alley Award ♻️

You can help us enable scalable plastic recycling with 1 minute of your time! ♻️
We are excited to announce that Veridis is among the top 20 companies in the running for the Green Alley Award 2023. After the initial application and selection, you can now help us by voting for Veridis at: https://lnkd.in/emCE5qfw before February 20th at 23:59!

New Year!

New year, new steps towards a circular economy.
We hope you had a safe and enjoyable holiday season and are excited to start the new #circulareconomy year with you. Our top priority for this year is to contribute to the transition towards a circular plastics economy together with you. An essential aspect of this transition is polymer characterisation, and as we move forward, it becomes increasingly important to measure the quality of these materials accurately.

The main takeaway of the Plastic Recycling Show Europe is? Defining quality and how to measure it, is crucial for recycling plastics. ♻️

Seeing the openness and willingness to learn among the people at the Plastic Recycling Show Europe was great. However, one word missing in the conversations is an important one: The circular economy.
To reduce the pressure on the environment, tackle climate change and reduce dependence on fossil fuels, the transition towards a circular economy is crucial. The big challenge is how to get there. Plastic recycling has a central role in this, and one of the essential things in this transition is recycling quality.