Making recycled plastics the norm by 2030
Veridis secures funding from NETZSCH and DOEN Participaties to bring the new quality measurement standard (MADSCAN) to the market
13th of February 2024 – Eindhoven & Amsterdam. Investor NETZSCH and impact investor DOEN Participaties invest in Veridis to bring MADSCAN to the market. With its secured funding, in 2024 and 2025, Veridis will build and run customer pilots with its innovative MADSCAN technology. First in the Netherlands and Germany, having two of the most developed and well-connected plastic recycling industries in Europe. Then, the company will roll out its MADSCAN (eco)system across Europe, realizing its vision of a standardized quality control method for EU plastic recycling.

We have had our first-ever Advisory Board meeting!

We have started holding quarterly advisory board meetings to help tackle our greatest long-term challenges as a company. We see this as an important tool to ensure we are focussing on the right things and ensuring these are included in our company strategy. And this all happens through insightful discussions with our board members.
Thank you, Sven, Jurgen, and Ivo for your valuable insights!

Veridis receives subsidy

We have received a subsidy of €70.000 through the TopSector Energy Industry (TSE Industry) for further research into the analysis of recycled plastics.